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Welcome to Save Ontario Dogs we are a resource for pet owners in Ontario who feel that the current Animal Welfare system in Ontario does not serve their best interests and the health and saftey of
their animals.

Rally to Support the Release of Brittany and Rambo: 12:00 pm Saturday February 20th, Brampton City Hall
2 Wellington Street West, Brampton, ON
Current Case: Brittany and Rambo
Brampton Animal Services
475 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, Ontario

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January 2010, an innocent family in Brampton had law enforcement and animal control officers, without a warrant, force their way into their home and removed their family pet that has never had a complaint or incident and does not fall under the Breed Specific Legislation.
6 police officers and 3 Animal Control Officers were called to remove a docile dog.
Another dog owner, a 75 year old senior citizen was threaten by an Animal Control officer that if she did not hand over her dog police would be called.
Both dogs, Brittany and Rambo are from the same mother and father.
The father is 50% American Bulldog and 50% Boxer The Mother is 100% Boxer.
The family has provided Brampton Animal Services with vet papers stating the parentage of Brittany and Rambo as well Microchip Registration form stating the father is American Bulldog mix. Brampton Animal Services maintain the father of the two dogs in custody is a "Pitbull" mix and has yet to produce any paperwork proving this. Brittany and Rambo were scheduled for euthinization on February 5th, 2010 but the City has granted an extension as this matter is going to court.
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